This building is a four-story, 60 unit, multi-family condominium in Bridgeland, Calgary. It exhibited leaking originally due to improper window installation, upon full review there were many issues with the building envelope. Poorly installed flashings, incorrect stucco installation, and lack of watershed design contributed to make this a building in need of rescue. Parkade underwent foundation crack repair and waterproofing, as well as urethane traffic coating on the driving surfaces.

portico 02

This was the result of not sealing handrail plates and fasteners to the deck surface. This went undetected until the re-clad was performed, revealing this deadly hazard. Four floors up, all it would have taken is to lean hard enough on this handrail.

Trowel on air/ vapour barrier, a monolithic application to ensure leak free walls.

Improper flashing installation led to this framing deterioration over a period of only a few short years.

New EIFS installation underway, a lightweight, energy efficient, and aesthetically pleasing wall cladding.

New BASF Urethane coating for client deck. No seams, upturns behind wall cladding, proper drip edges, deck edging… engineered for long term performance.