Leaky parkade at opening day, beside a regularly flooding river. Another engineer and subcontractor attempted a repair which failed due to inexperience.

We executed a repair program that has resulted in a now dry parkade, using the Kryton system the way it was designed to be used.

bsf 03

The Krystol Waterstop System is comprised of Waterstop Grout, Waterstop Treatment, Krytonite Swelling Waterstop, and Kryton's Crack Inducing Waterstop. These products are used in a variety of ways to waterproof all construction joints and details found in concrete construction.

  • Static (non-moving) concrete-to-concrete joints
  • Preplanned and unintended cold joints
  • Crack control joints

Some thought running a shunt was a good solution

BSF others solution

Shallow rebar placement, a cold joint, and elevated hydrostatic pressure make for a challenging structural repair.

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