William J. Hoskins

Building Envelope Specialist | Chief Operations Officer

William J. Hoskins moved to Calgary from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He studied business and accounting specialties at University of Manitoba, and proceeded to work in an accelerated, competitive environment, assuring deliverables for a large exterior finishing firm. Passionate about the mountains, the move to Calgary was an easy fit. With encouragement from industry friends, William created a niche company dealing specifically with building envelope issues and waterproofing solutions.

Fast forward 20 years later, he and Paul Jahn created Advance Engineering, with the intent of streamlining the industry to improve the standards to which builders should be held. In his spare time, William J races mountain bikes downhill at a world class level, usually with his sons in tow. He also manages a downhill development race team, coaching, mentoring, and supporting young adults in the finer aspects of competitive downhill racing. Grateful for an amazing network of industry colleagues and friends, William openly embraces the challenges yet to come in this great city.