Paul Jahn

President and CEO

Entrepreneur at heart, community supporter, adventure traveller with 36 countries visited, local musician, avid hiker, skier/snowboarding and a love of surfing are just a few traits that make up a driven and forward thinking leader.

With over 20 years experience in the building and construction industry, several independent companies and target markets that have reached international business,  Paul brings technology, customer service and Engineering science to a new level.

An entrepreneur at heart, Paul is a driven and progressive leader with a strong business acumen and passion for community involvement. His experience in the building and construction industry spans over 20 years, having launched and managed several successful companies at an international level over that time, providing quality service and innovative solutions to various markets. This experience allows him to bring technology, customer service and engineering science to a new level.

Outside of his businesses, Paul enjoys adventure travel, having been to 36 countries over his lifetime. He maintains a passion for surfing and is an avid hiker, skiier/snowboarder and well known local musician.